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HW  Art Studio and Gift Shop 1

Chalkboard Alley

The Creative Zone's Chalkboard Alley is a space for exploring, expressing and sharing  your creative ideas on a temporary basis. The walls are erased often to encourage continued creativity for people of all ages. 
Photographing your fleeting art work is encouraged.
Workshops for the Creative Spirit

Acrylic Painting
Acrylic paints are an extremely versatile  art medium.  Workshop covers different techniques of blending, texturizing,  and brushes to get the maximum fun out of acrylic  paints.

Photo Transfers

The photo transfer workshop is a great way to add personal touches to your creative pieces without ruining your original picture.  We will discuss different ways these transfers can be made into keepsake and unique pieces for your home.
Watercolor Pencils
Explore the unique effects of watercolors with water soluble pencils. Learn about the best surfaces, brushes and how to build up color to obtain the best results.
The possibilities are infinite when making your own prints. This workshop will discuss the many different techniques of printmaking . We will also experiment with Gelli plate printing and discuss the endless uses for your prints.
Other Workshops
We also offer workshops in oil pastels, charcoal, drawing, color pencils, collage, paper mache, decoupage, pen and ink, and journaling.  
Margaret Tucker